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Imagine your a 15 year old kid. Your favorite hobbies are hanging out with your friends, playing games and writing lyrics for your new band. You are just about to start vocational education and are faced with the fact that it’s time to chose the career for the rest of your life.

This is not a choise you can make as a kid, but it’s the parents who decide. More and more we are faced with kids who have to do things they actually don’t like to do. How is that possible I wonder? It’s the parents obligation to make the right choise, but that is a big dillema, because we all wan’t our kids on the top of the social ladder. We rather see our kids in an office instead of doing hard labour in construction. Unfortuanaly not every kid is equiped to be an economic, doctor or lawyer.

The more important thing is that the parents choice often is different than the childs. Solution: talk to your kids to find out their real interests and let them follow their own dreams. As a teacher it is real difficult to see a kid struggle with the fact that he/she has to find motivation on a daily basis for doing stuff they actually dislike. I try to do my best to help them and focus on the qualities of each individiual. Talking to them helps a lot, so if I can, the parents can do so to, or not?


I am an optimist and try to think in solutions, rather than in problems. To secure our (the Dutch) strong knowledge and innovation position in the world, I think it is time to change our current educational system.

Our kids nowadays are very wise at young age. The mobile web has given them an extra brain in the palm of their hand, with endless facts and figures. The only thing that still remains the same, is that brain nr 1 still not can compute everything right. They lack experience, so they can’t learn from choises made in the past. Here lies the key to succes according to me.

We need to change our educational system, so gaining experience is the core business of the school. I don’t want to send kids to work on an early age, but I am thinking about Learning Labs, where kids can find out what they really like to do.

The Learning Labs are equiped with proffesional teachers from different trades, who are trained in motivating and recognising different needs and wants from kids.¬† Of course we can’t do without hig tech equipment and we need flexibel teaching hours. Also we need a chill area, where we can study in groups or allone if desired. Woud’nt this be a great¬† place to lear as a kid. I know it would be a great place to work !