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Microsoft, the company that originated from the evil mind of the man who was first was praised like a god, Bill Gates is well on his way to regain his position in the global market.

I never had a problem with a product like Windows or Office. In fact it made my life real fun and easy. I enjoyed working and gaming a lot on my PC or laptop thanks to Bill.

I often wonder why Bill became the antichrist all of a sudden. Because he wanted the whole market for his selve. Another keyfigure, in the computer business who recently passed away, wanted the same didn’t he? And he is now praised by all, just as Bill was a few years ago. I just think Bill lost his cool factor and was seen as a cold harded businessman in stead of a genius.

The new slim Ultrabooks and the Windows 8 phones, who easiy connect to products like the XBOX will give Microsoft a big boost in near future. The good pricing is the main USP for these products. The competition should be carefull, because the evil genius always has a final trick up his sleeve.


WordPress Ipad App

Posted: 28/11/2011 in App reviews
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First let me do a review on the free WordPress app on the Ipad. I thought it would be a good app to get so i could do some work during my bus rides to work. When you take a look at the app, it looks real easy. It’s so simple, that you only can choose between posts, pages, comments and stats. But when you look closer, and you start writing an article, you are confronted with HTML codes. This is really annoying, because i’m not a programmer and al these tags makes the articel look messy. That is the biggest fail in this app.

I still want to write though, so I simply created a shortcut to my WordPress dashboard on my startscreen. I wonder why the app doesn’t give me this rich experience. If I would have to grade the app om a scale from 1 to 5 I would rate it a tiny 2.. Sorry WordPress.