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I got both games on release date and think both games are worth the €50 I paid for them. I play just about everyday. The one day I play MW3 and the other BF3. But the last few weeks, I have noticed, that more and more I chose MW3 to play. What’s up with that?

If I take a look at the grapics, BF3 is the winner. If I look at the variety in the game, again BF is the winner. So why do I chose the lesser game more and more?

I think the awnser lies in the fact that I’m the better player in MW3. Battlefield is more strategic and needs good teamwork to win. In MW3 you can make the difference more as an individual. What does this say about me? I rather go for my own than glory, than my teams?

I understand it’s just a game, but you can learn a lot from small things in life. When I play, I don’t think about these things really much. I use it to relax and sometimes to get rid of some exessive frustration.

Also it is a big social thing, because I meet up with my mates in cyberspace and act like we are kids again. That’s the biggest factor I reckon why I chose the lesser game. So if Spy Hunter part 2 is released, maybe, i’ll get that one too..