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The trend more 4 less is really kicking in. For those who don’t know the trend yet, here is a little info. We love to have a lot of premium products, but we would like to buy them with a big discount. That is more 4 less. The succes of Groupon and Vente Exclusive prove we love to team up with strangers in a bulkdeal if we will be rewarded with a huge discount.

But every good thing has a downside. The providers of these combo deals need to satisfy the shareholders, so deals they made with restaurants, hotels or brands who participate often are closed by slick salesman with high salestargetets. This means,that in the end, the consumer often don’t get his/hers money’s worth. Often it is not done on purpose, but because the restaurant on second thought, simply is unable to provide a 3 star meal for €39,95. Of course the consumer also has to keep both his/her feet on the ground. This is the most difficult part, cause man is greedy by nature.

The one thing that should be a wise lesson for all people, is that the satisfaction of needs is much higher, when you rightly spend your heard earnd money. Spending €100 on a perfect meal, tastes so much better than a meal for €39,95 you do 3 times a week. Sometimes less 4 more is a better trend in my book.


Imagine your a 15 year old kid. Your favorite hobbies are hanging out with your friends, playing games and writing lyrics for your new band. You are just about to start vocational education and are faced with the fact that it’s time to chose the career for the rest of your life.

This is not a choise you can make as a kid, but it’s the parents who decide. More and more we are faced with kids who have to do things they actually don’t like to do. How is that possible I wonder? It’s the parents obligation to make the right choise, but that is a big dillema, because we all wan’t our kids on the top of the social ladder. We rather see our kids in an office instead of doing hard labour in construction. Unfortuanaly not every kid is equiped to be an economic, doctor or lawyer.

The more important thing is that the parents choice often is different than the childs. Solution: talk to your kids to find out their real interests and let them follow their own dreams. As a teacher it is real difficult to see a kid struggle with the fact that he/she has to find motivation on a daily basis for doing stuff they actually dislike. I try to do my best to help them and focus on the qualities of each individiual. Talking to them helps a lot, so if I can, the parents can do so to, or not?

I am an optimist and try to think in solutions, rather than in problems. To secure our (the Dutch) strong knowledge and innovation position in the world, I think it is time to change our current educational system.

Our kids nowadays are very wise at young age. The mobile web has given them an extra brain in the palm of their hand, with endless facts and figures. The only thing that still remains the same, is that brain nr 1 still not can compute everything right. They lack experience, so they can’t learn from choises made in the past. Here lies the key to succes according to me.

We need to change our educational system, so gaining experience is the core business of the school. I don’t want to send kids to work on an early age, but I am thinking about Learning Labs, where kids can find out what they really like to do.

The Learning Labs are equiped with proffesional teachers from different trades, who are trained in motivating and recognising different needs and wants from kids.  Of course we can’t do without hig tech equipment and we need flexibel teaching hours. Also we need a chill area, where we can study in groups or allone if desired. Woud’nt this be a great  place to lear as a kid. I know it would be a great place to work !

When I was about 14, my day was real simple. Get up, go to school, play some soccer, hang out with my friends, have dinner, watch TV and go to bed.

Nowadays, live is much more complex. When you are a 14 year old kid your day will be much more hectic. You get up, update your Facebook profile, tell The world how you slept on twitter, reply on your Blackberry messenger, have breakfast, rush to school, hear the teacher talking about difficult stuff, while updating all your friends on your status. After school you need to work a few hours, because you have to pay for your expensive phone bill. After work you go home to grab something to eat before expensive you hit the gym. When you finally get home, you need to meet up with your friends on the PSN network or Xbox live, because you will miss out on all the good stuff if you don’t. When the clock strikes twelve, you will hit the sack for a few hours, but not after first updating all your favorite social networks once more. If it is a good night, you friend who suffers from insomnia will leave you allone. If not he/she will have your phone going wild all night. Pfff it’s a hard knock live…..

Hello world… My name is Mannardo, im a 35 year old teacher from Amsterdam the Netherlands. I’m interessed in technology, internet, gaming, trends and marketing.

In this blog, I will post some app reviews, talk about marketing, teaching and focus on the latest consumer trends. The world is due to the massive impact of the internet, changing faster then ever. I find this very interesting and started developing my own theory for dealing with it. The theory is best described as the well known phrase Ivolution.

In my work I have to deal with the Internet revolution in my classroom on a daily basis. My students are always online are easily distracted because they have the world in their hand in the shape of a smartphone. How to deal with this? Some of my collegues say ban the smartphone from the classroom, I don’t.

I try to use the technology to my advantage. You can’t inspire students or consumers with information they can get with the press of a button. This is why Ivolution is based on gaining new experiences, using the net to get fun stuff and making learning fun and effective. I use trial and error to master different skills.

Because the people nowadays have different needs and wants then 20 years ago. For example, I used to rembember over a hundred phonenumbers by heart. Now I even have trouble rembembering my home phonenumber. My Smartphone does the work for me. This is just one example of Ivolution..


Hope you have fun reading…