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The concept of augumented reality is very nice. Adding virtual content to the every day life is a brilliant idea. It can enrich an experience, like going to the mall or visiting a zoo. In fact it has endless possibilities.

If I browse the web for good examples of AR, I still only find some experiments and some nice startups. The big brands use AR as a onetime advertising stunt, but I don’t think they have embraced it yet. When I take a look at the content in AR browsers like Layer or Juniao, I’m also a bit dissapointed. Only the banks and real estate agents have some good AR content. Am I to impatient, or is the world not ready for cyberspace in every day life?

The one channel in Layer I find really good, is the one who display’s tweets around you. As a teacher I find it is a nice tool to display tweets from students around me. I can use it as an educational tool or a control tool. Some may say, you can’t monitor your students like that, that’s spying. I think it is my duty as a teacher, to educate kids on the use of social media. So if a kid tweets something awfull or embarrising, I would like to confront them, so they can learn from these faults. So be carefull what you tweet, because AR limits your privacy even more…..



Posted: 02/12/2011 in App reviews, Social Media

The new social network Diaspora has gone in Alpha state. If you are fed up with Facebook and want to contol your own data, Dispora is the Network to join. I wonder how long it will take before the founders get blinded by the buck, but the idea sounds appealling.

Diaspora consists of different streams, where you are hooked up with people who have the same interest as you. You provide your interest by entering them with a #. Just like Twitter. Example #education, #entertainment, etc..

Diaspora also works with the app. It is a way to collect photo’s on the web and share them on Diaspora. There are still some bugs, because it doesn’t work in all browsers and sometimes freezes.

Path 2

Posted: 30/11/2011 in App reviews
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Ever wanted to keep a journal of all the beautiful moments with your closest friends. Path is the solution. It gives you a personal timeline which consists of snapshops made with your friends. If you watch the timeline grow, you get a nice view of you relationship in time.

Path has been active since the end of 2010 and now has about a million users. The difference with other social networks is that Path is real personal. You can only add 150 friends, because studies have calculated that a person can’t have more in real life.

Recently Path 2 has been released which makes the experience even richer. It now has a small quick launch icon which allow you to control the system even faster. So when you are fed up with all your fake Facebookfriends, you can enjoy this nice little product.

Path – Introducing Path 2 from Path on Vimeo.

WordPress Ipad App

Posted: 28/11/2011 in App reviews
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First let me do a review on the free WordPress app on the Ipad. I thought it would be a good app to get so i could do some work during my bus rides to work. When you take a look at the app, it looks real easy. It’s so simple, that you only can choose between posts, pages, comments and stats. But when you look closer, and you start writing an article, you are confronted with HTML codes. This is really annoying, because i’m not a programmer and al these tags makes the articel look messy. That is the biggest fail in this app.

I still want to write though, so I simply created a shortcut to my WordPress dashboard on my startscreen. I wonder why the app doesn’t give me this rich experience. If I would have to grade the app om a scale from 1 to 5 I would rate it a tiny 2.. Sorry WordPress.