Google + the one and only social network

Posted: 29/11/2011 in Marketing
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Google + has reached 40 million users. It still is a small social network compared to Facebook with it’s 800 million users. The difference: Google did it within 5 months.

The winning social network for the future in my opnion is Google+. Why you wonder? Because the Google + system is so much more than just a nice place to meet your friends, it is a platform where you can do about anything. You can simply use Gmail, work in the cloud, use the Google apps, do some shopping and find stuff with the search engine all with the rich experience from Google +.

The joint ventures with all the smartphone maker, will give Google the extra boost to secure it’s dominant position. The predictions from some experts are that 40% of all mobile device will work with the Android operating system in near future. Of course these devices will support Google + better than Facebook.

The only thing that worries me is the information bubble which Google creates. Making the search results to personal will give a matrix like idea. Google will decide what we see. As long as we keep using our brain, it won’t be a to big a deal I reckon.


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