There nowadays is a lot of talk about the free internet. The Arabic spring revolution makes government leaders scared as hell for the power of free speech over the net. In China there has been internet censorship since the net arose. The country where i’m from is for the open net, but is lacking on some issues.

The net is now dominated by multinationals like Facebook and Google who like the dictators from creepy regimes decided what’s good for us to see. I saw the TED presentation about the ‘Information Bubble’ thanks to my colleague, and i was realy shook up about it. Based on my search history and activity on the web, a company like Google, limits my world to what they think I like!

As a open minded individual, I think I can decided what I like and don’t like. Im not in service of Adwords or Facebook credits. Life is more than just segmenting the market and putting people in small niches. For your information… I always use an alias on the net so you can use my faulty info if you like 😉


Microsoft, the company that originated from the evil mind of the man who was first was praised like a god, Bill Gates is well on his way to regain his position in the global market.

I never had a problem with a product like Windows or Office. In fact it made my life real fun and easy. I enjoyed working and gaming a lot on my PC or laptop thanks to Bill.

I often wonder why Bill became the antichrist all of a sudden. Because he wanted the whole market for his selve. Another keyfigure, in the computer business who recently passed away, wanted the same didn’t he? And he is now praised by all, just as Bill was a few years ago. I just think Bill lost his cool factor and was seen as a cold harded businessman in stead of a genius.

The new slim Ultrabooks and the Windows 8 phones, who easiy connect to products like the XBOX will give Microsoft a big boost in near future. The good pricing is the main USP for these products. The competition should be carefull, because the evil genius always has a final trick up his sleeve.

The concept of augumented reality is very nice. Adding virtual content to the every day life is a brilliant idea. It can enrich an experience, like going to the mall or visiting a zoo. In fact it has endless possibilities.

If I browse the web for good examples of AR, I still only find some experiments and some nice startups. The big brands use AR as a onetime advertising stunt, but I don’t think they have embraced it yet. When I take a look at the content in AR browsers like Layer or Juniao, I’m also a bit dissapointed. Only the banks and real estate agents have some good AR content. Am I to impatient, or is the world not ready for cyberspace in every day life?

The one channel in Layer I find really good, is the one who display’s tweets around you. As a teacher I find it is a nice tool to display tweets from students around me. I can use it as an educational tool or a control tool. Some may say, you can’t monitor your students like that, that’s spying. I think it is my duty as a teacher, to educate kids on the use of social media. So if a kid tweets something awfull or embarrising, I would like to confront them, so they can learn from these faults. So be carefull what you tweet, because AR limits your privacy even more…..

The trend more 4 less is really kicking in. For those who don’t know the trend yet, here is a little info. We love to have a lot of premium products, but we would like to buy them with a big discount. That is more 4 less. The succes of Groupon and Vente Exclusive prove we love to team up with strangers in a bulkdeal if we will be rewarded with a huge discount.

But every good thing has a downside. The providers of these combo deals need to satisfy the shareholders, so deals they made with restaurants, hotels or brands who participate often are closed by slick salesman with high salestargetets. This means,that in the end, the consumer often don’t get his/hers money’s worth. Often it is not done on purpose, but because the restaurant on second thought, simply is unable to provide a 3 star meal for €39,95. Of course the consumer also has to keep both his/her feet on the ground. This is the most difficult part, cause man is greedy by nature.

The one thing that should be a wise lesson for all people, is that the satisfaction of needs is much higher, when you rightly spend your heard earnd money. Spending €100 on a perfect meal, tastes so much better than a meal for €39,95 you do 3 times a week. Sometimes less 4 more is a better trend in my book.

I got both games on release date and think both games are worth the €50 I paid for them. I play just about everyday. The one day I play MW3 and the other BF3. But the last few weeks, I have noticed, that more and more I chose MW3 to play. What’s up with that?

If I take a look at the grapics, BF3 is the winner. If I look at the variety in the game, again BF is the winner. So why do I chose the lesser game more and more?

I think the awnser lies in the fact that I’m the better player in MW3. Battlefield is more strategic and needs good teamwork to win. In MW3 you can make the difference more as an individual. What does this say about me? I rather go for my own than glory, than my teams?

I understand it’s just a game, but you can learn a lot from small things in life. When I play, I don’t think about these things really much. I use it to relax and sometimes to get rid of some exessive frustration.

Also it is a big social thing, because I meet up with my mates in cyberspace and act like we are kids again. That’s the biggest factor I reckon why I chose the lesser game. So if Spy Hunter part 2 is released, maybe, i’ll get that one too..

We enter the stage, where the first smart tv’s hit the market. I was waiting for it, because I love watching content on a big screen. For those who don’t know what a smart tv is, its real simple. A smart tv is a tv with built in internet. So you can watch video on demand, browse the net, connect through wifi with your mobile devices and shop in the appstore.

Samsung will launch a variety of models in near future . They already got 2D and 3D versions out there, but they are still a bit expensive. I think they will be market leader in this segment. Lenovo is also working on a concept , but it will be a nich product i reckon. Other competittors will try to, but won’t play a big role in the market.

The days of being annoyed by endless commercial blocks during prime time will finally come to an end. You will be in charge of your own evenung once more. I say, three cheers to that.

The crisis

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Don’t you find it dreadfull, that the nr 1 keyword nowadays is growth. I haven’t grown since I was 17 or something. Does this mean i’m in crisis for 18 years now? The media nowadays grab every opportunity to make a good story. They talk us into the crisis, even if we are wealthy as hell.

I just went to the theater and by the looks of it is was sold out completely. In the foyer I was mingling with people drinking expensive beer and wine, asking myselve, where is the crisis?

If you tell a depressed guy that the world is ending, he won’t mind. If you tell a kid he won’t get a sweet, because he was annoying hem will be pissed off, but will eventualy understand that it was his own fault. If you tell the regular Joe all day the crisis is hitting you, it will result in fewer spendings. If you keep this up a while, the crisis. will become a self fullfilling prophecy . So people, please lighten up and say F*ck the crisis…

I love live…


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The new social network Diaspora has gone in Alpha state. If you are fed up with Facebook and want to contol your own data, Dispora is the Network to join. I wonder how long it will take before the founders get blinded by the buck, but the idea sounds appealling.

Diaspora consists of different streams, where you are hooked up with people who have the same interest as you. You provide your interest by entering them with a #. Just like Twitter. Example #education, #entertainment, etc..

Diaspora also works with the app. It is a way to collect photo’s on the web and share them on Diaspora. There are still some bugs, because it doesn’t work in all browsers and sometimes freezes.

Imagine your a 15 year old kid. Your favorite hobbies are hanging out with your friends, playing games and writing lyrics for your new band. You are just about to start vocational education and are faced with the fact that it’s time to chose the career for the rest of your life.

This is not a choise you can make as a kid, but it’s the parents who decide. More and more we are faced with kids who have to do things they actually don’t like to do. How is that possible I wonder? It’s the parents obligation to make the right choise, but that is a big dillema, because we all wan’t our kids on the top of the social ladder. We rather see our kids in an office instead of doing hard labour in construction. Unfortuanaly not every kid is equiped to be an economic, doctor or lawyer.

The more important thing is that the parents choice often is different than the childs. Solution: talk to your kids to find out their real interests and let them follow their own dreams. As a teacher it is real difficult to see a kid struggle with the fact that he/she has to find motivation on a daily basis for doing stuff they actually dislike. I try to do my best to help them and focus on the qualities of each individiual. Talking to them helps a lot, so if I can, the parents can do so to, or not?

I am an optimist and try to think in solutions, rather than in problems. To secure our (the Dutch) strong knowledge and innovation position in the world, I think it is time to change our current educational system.

Our kids nowadays are very wise at young age. The mobile web has given them an extra brain in the palm of their hand, with endless facts and figures. The only thing that still remains the same, is that brain nr 1 still not can compute everything right. They lack experience, so they can’t learn from choises made in the past. Here lies the key to succes according to me.

We need to change our educational system, so gaining experience is the core business of the school. I don’t want to send kids to work on an early age, but I am thinking about Learning Labs, where kids can find out what they really like to do.

The Learning Labs are equiped with proffesional teachers from different trades, who are trained in motivating and recognising different needs and wants from kids.  Of course we can’t do without hig tech equipment and we need flexibel teaching hours. Also we need a chill area, where we can study in groups or allone if desired. Woud’nt this be a great  place to lear as a kid. I know it would be a great place to work !